Why me?

You are looking for help with something because you can't figure it out on your own. If it relates to relationships, a death, divorce, life stress or a concern for your children I can help.

My approach is to guide you and give you tools so that you can learn to manage this. You are here for guidance and a different way. As a therapist I will make you work for the outcomes we are striving for but I will also play an equal part in the work by determining tools and methods to best help you.

For 20 years I have concentrated my expertise on guiding women and children to be the best versions of themselves. You want that for yourself and the people in your life.

My specific specialties are: goal setting needs, divorce / relationship struggles; child, parent or spousal/partner loss; suicide, tragic or sudden death of a loved one; life stressors and changes; pet loss; complicated relationships, unresolved issues, complex needs and life decisions.

In addition to being an LCSW and FT I am an international trainer, author and consultant in the areas above.