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Divorce -Marriage-Partnership Counseling

Struggling with your relationship?  Trying to avoid or now get through divorce? 


If we need to focus on giving it the best shot we can you're probably struggling with:

  • trust

  • communication

  • respect

  • getting your needs met

 If you're beyond that and need logistics:

  • What words to use with the children

  • Ways to support the children

  • Configure parenting plans and schedules

  • Identify children's/family's needs

  • Make sure you as parents are on the same page


Or you are to the next phase of adjusting to the divorce and your role as a single parent or single woman, we will put your life together and figure out how to manage it, versus it managing you.  We will determine what's working and what's not, what you really need and how to get you feeling like you're moving in the right direction.


You don't know it yet but this will be a journey that will make you a better version of yourself for YOU. 


If you're a parent you're concerned about your child's needs and how they are going to come out of this experience.  Sometimes you even worry more about them to the point you forget about yourself.  Let me take care of them in this area.  Let me help you to discover what their needs are and how to meet them, give them an outlet to process their changes and give them coping tools and support to deal with their new family system.


You want an experienced therapist who's specialized in divorce and separation for a significant amount of time in order to help you navigate the process for yourself and your family.  My experience includes:

  • Assisting with parenting plans & family schedules

  • Court depositions and witness as child specialist

  • Court appointed children and family therapist

  • Collaborator with adult counselors, school professionals and other members of the "team"

  • Individual and family counseling for all family members ages 4 & up

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