Whether you initiated the divorce or not, or your parents recently got divorced, you are sure to be facing change.   Often change is loss- even good change brings loss.  The change of feelings, schedule, roles. future plans, and more.  Managing the new isn't the easiest, especially when all the while you are trying to get a grip on the current day.


Part of your work will be putting your life together the way you want it to be.  That's where our work comes in.  Though it will be " individual counseling ", as a team we will begin to accept the new and figure out how to manage it, versus it managing you.  We will determine what's working and what's not, what you really need and how to get you feeling like you're moving in the right direction.


You don't know it yet but this will be a journey that will make you a better version of yourself for YOU. 


If you're a parent you're concerned about your child's needs and how they are going to come out of this experience.  Sometimes you even worry more about them to the point you forget about yourself.  Let me take care of them in this area.  Let me help you to discover what their needs are and how to meet them, give them an outlet to process their changes and give them coping tools and support to deal with their new family system.