Grief Counseling

Have you experienced the death of a loved one? 

I understand and can help you if you are: 

  • In a fog and everything feels surreal and you can barely put your finger on what has happened

  • Just going through the motions to accomplish what you need to

  • Flooded by the waves of emotions that come from nowhere and wash over you 

  • Feel "crazy"

  • Wanting to make sure your children are alright

  • Feeling guilt or can't shake the thoughts and questions What If

  • Feeling worse when you were "doing better" and now you feel worse 



With over a decade of specializations in trauma, loss and grief of children and adults as a Fellow in Thanatology- the study of death, dying and bereavement, I'll use my professional expertise combined with my genuine care and support to help you and your family feel like you are managing your grief versus it managing you. 

Grief support for your family:



Are there children in your family? As author of Honey Bear Died for young children and I can provide you with step by step guidance on how to explain death to the children.  Are you unsure what words to use that meet their developmental needs?  Do you wonder how they will be when they learn of it and how to support them.  I have all of those answers and more!  I will provide you with signs to lookout for, ways to prepare them with the funeral/ service and a future without their loved one.  I can help you help them every step of the way. 


Everyone has their own relationship to the person who died and to their grief.  It's not always easy to manage your own feelings while others have their feelings and needs.  Individually or together we can determine strategies and ways for you to go through your grief process and others have their process in the best way possible.