The overall goal of our working together is for you to feel resolve, relief, capable, clear and that you can manage your emotions and your life in a way that feels a way you want to live.

Children ages 3-17, Adults and Families

Adult Counseling:

I am skilled at quickly grasping what you are going through and identifying the best way to help you. I then work with you to discover answers to the questions you are facing, coping tools for dealing with your situation and guidance with your decisions and challeges. As we do this you will discover that the way you feel today will not always be your tomorrow.

Children Counseling

If you are seeking support for a child between the ages of 3-17 I understand they are your priority. You want to make sure they are alright and are going to be ok.

I have the ability to draw out what is going on for a child, assess their needs, understand what they are going through, teach you signs to be aware of to make sure they are ok and give you both tools to cope with what they are facing.

Choosing a therapist for a child:

To determine who is right for you and your child:

*You need a seasoned professional who understands their developmental needs

*Someone who is skilled in utilizing play and other tools that meet children's natural form of communication

*You also need someone who will work with you to understand what your child is experiencing and how to help them.

Don't be afraid to ask questions that will determine a therapists experience in these ways, as well as asking them what kind of activities they normally do with children, how much of their practice is with your child's age and how often they work with children that are facing similar situations your child is.

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