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Figuring it all out on your own isn't working. You need an expert in DEATH, DIVORCE AND RELATIONSHIPS and I am that therapist.  

As a seasoned therapist in these areas, I will make you work for the outcomes we're striving for but I will also play an equal part in the work by determining tools and methods to best help you.  (In a down to earth and not "tell me how you feel" kind of way!

What you'll get from me:

I will quickly grasp your needs and situation. I will guide you, educate you and give you hands on tools to work through your unique situation.  If you have children I will also give you feedback and guidance you can carry out at home.

Together we will: ​

  • Decrease conflict and struggle

  • Find tools that work for you and your family

  • Increase clarity 

  • Increase a sense of capability and control (healthy control)

  • Increase balance 

  • Decrease anxiety/ Increase peace

  • Get you and your family to a better place

  • Feel relief and security that happiness is coming

At every stage there's struggles to overcome. 

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