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We all face

Relationship Challenges

Trying to improve your relationship with your partner, child, parent or other important person in your life?  Aren't we all!  This is one of my favorite areas to help with.  No matter what the goal is we all strive for better communication, understanding, respect and closeness.


  • Are you struggling with getting on the same page as someone you care about? 

  • Do you have stress in your relationship with a family member?

  • Is your relationship fractured or feel broken?

Sometimes there's a simple resolve, while other times it's going to take a lot more than that.  Whatever has been tried hasn't worked fully, so let's figure this out together.

This time in your life is a journey and one that can behoove you to set yourself up with guidance, tools and strategies to shape yourself and your life the way you want and need.  So, let's make sure you're ahead of this and conquer this journey with productive ammunition. 

You will:

  • Learn effective ways to communicate

  • Increase your ability to identify what you need to say versus what you want to say

  • Communicate in a way all parties feel heard and appreciated

  • Identify roadblocks to feeling listened to

  • Eliminate feeling you can't do or say anything right

  • Remove the hopeless "I can never win" thoughts

  • Increase connection and closeness

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