Whether you recently learned of a diagnosis or have bee dealing with it for a while, it's there.  You may be facing this diagnosis head on or trying to hide from it.  You may be sure you'll get through it or you're worried. And, there may be a mixture of everything in between.  Whichever it is it's likely to bring up a variety of feelings and thoughts that you may find invasive or uncomfortable.  You may not want to worry your family or talk about it again to your friends...no matter how good they are!  

You could benefit from our time together to be preventative and proactive for your mind, not just your body.  It's a journey and one that can behoove you to set yourself up with tools and strategies to manage the thoughts and feelings and challenges that will be coming. So, let's make sure you're ahead of this and conquer this journey with productive ammunition. 


Do you need to tell your children about someone's diagnosis?  Are you sure what words to use that meet their developmental needs?  Do you wonder how they will be when they learn of it and how to support them.  I have all of those answers and more!  


When a diagnosis is learned about it effects the entire family system.  There will be questions and feelings and worries.  The last thing you need is to try and manage it all.  Let me help your family have a space so everyone can have their needs met in the best way.  Individually or together we can figure out what those needs are and how to accomplish them without anyone feeling slighted or being invasive.  Let's set you all up to move forward in a positive and helpful way.